As a leading global distributor, we collaborate with diverse enterprises, catering to small family-owned ventures as well as multinational Fortune 500 corporations. Our expertise lies in the distribution of a wide array of materials including LDPE, LLDPE , HDPE, PP , EVA, POE, Vistamaxx, POM, PC , PBT, Nylon from prime , wide spec and repro to recyclable material . We take pride in our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability, ensuring that our operations align with eco-friendly practices. With a commitment to delivering top-quality materials and fostering a sustainable future, we are your trusted partner in the plastics and material industry.

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LDPE , LLDPE , HDPE , PP , EVE , POE , Vistamaxx , POM , PC ,EPS , PBT .



prime , offspec , repro and recyclable material .