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Services we Provide

Providing high-quality plastic products is to meet customers’ specific requirements, such as strength, durability, chemical resistance, and appearance.

Offering competitive pricing based on market factors, product quality, and value-added services is important for us to meet customer satisfaction.

Timely Delivery

Meeting delivery timelines are important for us striving to fulfill orders promptly, adhering to agreed-upon schedules. Timely delivery helps customers plan their production, minimize downtime, and maintain efficient operation

About ANC Global

As a leading global distributor, we collaborate with diverse enterprises, catering to small family-owned ventures as well as multinational Fortune 500 corporations. Our expertise lies in the distribution of a wide array of materials including LDPE, LLDPE , HDPE, PP , EVA, POE, Vistamaxx, POM, PC , PBT, Nylon from prime , wide spec and repro to recyclable material . We take pride in our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability, ensuring that our operations align with eco-friendly practices. With a commitment to delivering top-quality materials and fostering a sustainable future, we are your trusted partner in the plastics and material industry.



Plastics distributors often handle the logistics of delivering plastic materials to customers’ locations. They can manage inventory, storage, and transportation, ensuring timely delivery and minimizing supply chain disruptions.


ANC Global Corp offers technical expertise and support to our valued customers providing guidance on material selection, processing recommendations, and troubleshooting assistance. Supporting customers throughout the entire product development and production process fosters satisfaction.


Prompt and effective communication with customers is crucial for ANC Global Corp, Responding to inquiries, providing updates on orders, and addressing customer concerns or issues in a timely manner helps us to build trust and shows a commitment to customer satisfaction.